How to Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone 2022 Useful Info


With Whats Web use two whatsweb accounts for Whatsapp and save friends statuses. Do you want to use two WhatsApp whatsweb accounts in same device & do You want to send messages without saving the number in your mobile?

Do you want to save your friends WhatsApp status and use them later & you dont see any option in WhatsApp which lets you do the above, this application is the solution. This application provides the ability to do all of above by providing below features.

This app also provide features for scanning QRcode, generating QRcode from text(which dont want to send directly or reuse it multiple times).You dont need download any other QR Code Scanner.

Whats Web On clicking this inside application redirect you to a QR code & you just have to scan it with WhatsApp web scanner.which will let you use another whatsapp account. Whatscan for Whatzweb and Whats Web Scan is free app with easy to use UI.

Clicking on Qr Scanner gives ability to scan any QR Code you wish.Click on Qr Generator you will be prompted to type in text which you wish to convert it to QR Code.

Click Above to Download

The text can be any text example URL, Mobile number, Location, UPI Id, any arbitrary text which you wish not to send directly or resuse it later.


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